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Web Application Development

Web applications are extremely popular for online consumers today and as a business owner you may be considering how you can create your own internet application to sell to the millions of consumers that now turn to the internet for their shopping needs. The development of any type of application can be overwhelming and it can be hard to know where to begin, this is where our services come into play. Our professional team of application developers can take your business ideas and transform them into the vision you have of that perfect online application.

Application development has many stages to the process but within each and every stage, you as the client will be able to contribute feedback and ideas to help tweak our development to the application you want to create.

Development Stages

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Developing Requirements specification document
  • Designing a Prototype or User Interfaces
  • Database Designing
  • Developing the functional aspects of the application
  • Testing & Integration
  • Verification
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

The developmental stages of an application for a website can be lengthy but it is definitely worth the time invested for the final product. More and more consumers are beginning to download and purchase internet applications of all sorts including: spyware applications, anti-virus, music downloading, content composing applications, website makers and so many more. With the cooperation of your company with our development professionals we can create any type of web application you can think of and help you brand it throughout the internet after completion with our online branding services.

The key to any online application is a user-friendly interface. If your consumers cannot navigate your application with ease you are not going to get far. Our developers have created dozens and dozens of online applications of all kinds and are familiar with what works and what doesn't. With high quality project management skills you will always receive progress reports and be completely up to date on the advancement of your application. As a business owner you are aware that a successful working relationship with any company first comes from quick and reliable communication and we understand this rule fully.

Contact us today about your application idea and we can immediately begin discussing details, goals and what you are hoping to accomplish with your newly built application. We pride ourselves on our communication, project management, experience and final product delivery. We will guide you through each and every step of the development process to ensure you understand what is being done, what forms of technology are being used to create it and how it will be implemented into your website for instant download purposes.


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We help others grow. We take care of creative, technology, marketing and support needs of our clients. From web design and cutting-edge web & mobile applications to strategic digital marketing and search engine optimization, we do it all. We even help clients provide support to their customers.
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Orion Solutions Uganda. is a fast growing, young and vibrant web development and software engineering company. Orion Solutions Uganda. is ready and able to provide low cost websites for your various business needs. Able to handle all works ranging from simple graphics to high end web applications and multimedia.
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